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Produced under hoops on 50 acres in Santa Maria, Happy Berry strawberries are planted on chest-high table tops, easing labor and reducing the need for such inputs as the ground fumigation required in field strawberry production.

Hydroponics deliver nutrition directly to the roots of the plants, so dramatically less water is needed—and water is recycled in this closed system.

Year-round production consistency in a protected ecosystem leads to higher yields from happy plants in a smaller footprint.

Your shoppers will experience the Happy Berry difference not only through their superior flavor, texture and quality, but also through their intriguing story available via QR codes and Ocean Spray’s strong social media presence.

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The result? A sustainably sweet concept producing big, beautiful, full-flavored strawberries that can only be known as Happy Berry.

Proudly packed in 12-oz clamshells in the trusted Ocean Spray brand, Happy Berry strawberries will keep your customers grinning from ear to ear.

Happy Berry™ hydroponic strawberries are the latest innovation in the powerful berry category.

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