Indulge in an otherworldly experience with Pink Cosmo Blueberries! Featuring a delightful blend of floral notes, the sweetness of white nectarine and a hint of fizziness, each bite promises to dazzle your taste buds. But that's not all — these berries are also a visual delight, with a stunning spectrum of pinks ranging from the delicate blush of dawn to the rich hues of twilight, creating a visual masterpiece. 

Crafted for those who seek something extraordinary in every bite, Pink Cosmo Blueberries are perfect for adding flair to high-end cakes, cocktails or any culinary creation — and the kids love it too! 

Take a cosmic leap 

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Grown amidst the fertile lands of Fresno County, California by G&M Farms, their naturally-occurring and captivating pigment was developed by horticulture professor Dr. Scott NeSmith of the University of Georgia.

Limited quantity,  cosmic quality 

Available in convenient 4.4oz packs, these pink blueberries are a rare find, offering your shoppers something truly extraordinary. Ripening in early July, they’re the perfect addition to your summer fruit selection. Try something new in the category and watch as Pink Cosmo Blueberries elevate your berry set to celestial heights.  

Dive into a cosmos of flavor and color